Skinboosters Singapore: Everything You Need To Know About Skinboosters


Restylane Skinbooster, or in short, skinbooster, is one of the most popular skin rejuvenation treatments in Singapore and many Asian countries. With its benefits marketed strongly, the relatively new skin treatment is highly sought after for good reasons. Read on to find out more about this non-surgical procedure that has quite recently made waves in the medical aesthetics arena. 

Restylane skinbooster, commonly known as ‘水光针’ in chinese, seems to be a hot topic among beauty seekers and aesthetic services providers alike. Exponentially growing in popularity in a few short years, the treatment is now widely used by aesthetic doctors to achieve better looking skin comparatively within a much shorter period of time. Unlike surgical procedures that carry a lot more risks and costs, Restylane Skinboosters are designed to be a convenient, low risk and low cost alternative to other methods.

While its benefits are many and varied, invariably it is still a medical procedure, and with every medical procedure, there are certain things to look out for and consider before deciding whether or not to follow through with treatment.


In simpler terms, a Restylane Skinbooster is a dermal filler, meticulously injected into one’s skin for improved firmness, radiance, suppleness and texture. The injected filler is made up of hyaluronic acid, a component that may be naturally found in a person’s eyes, skin, joints and other various parts of the body. This means that the filler is readily accepted by the body and is easily reversible, with any possible risks or side effects reduced to a bare minimum. The Restylane Skinbooster is considered by aesthetic professionals as one of the safest aesthetic procedures to effectively alter one’s looks.


As with other dermal fillers, a Restylane Skinbooster works by eliminating volume deficiencies and allowing the skin to be gently lifted for desired effects. Other dermal fillers out there, e.g those used for targeting the chin and cheeks, are harder and less dynamic as compared to the ones used in Skinboosters. The fillers used in Skinboosters are, comparatively, a lot softer. The way other dermal fillers bring about their effects is mainly via mechanical properties. Skinboosters, on the other hand, work by exerting its biochemical effects.

Interesting Fact: Restylane Fillers come in various firmness, thickness and abilities to lift. Certain fillers in the same group may be more suitable for altering the chin and cheeks. The ones used in Skinboosters, on ther other hand, are extremely soft, mainly being used for its hydration and rejuvenation properties. 

As mentioned earlier, hyaluronic acid is a component that may also be found naturally in the body. Naturally occurring hyaluronic acid gives our skin a more radiant and supple look, in turn providing its host a more energetic and healthy look. Over time, with aging, naturally occurring hyaluronic acid reserves in the skin diminishes, causing the former radiant and supple look to go along with it. The skin becomes drier, harsher and with less elasticity.

Restylane Skinboosters help your skin regains its youthful look by replenishing its hyaluronic acid reserves. Once injected into the skin, hyaluronic acid molecules, with its high affinity to water molecules, absorbs water up to 200 times its mass and expands, giving your skin not just suppleness but also the much needed hydration from within. The resulting effects are younger looking, luminous and more radiant skin.

Restylane Skinboosters also help with collagen stimulation once introduced into the skin. Natural occurrence of collagen within your body improves, giving you extended periods of anti-aging effects.


Restylane Skinboosters are said to work extremely well for improving skin firmness, texture and luminosity. Lesser known to many, however, are the Skinboosters’ abilities to minimize acne scars by lifting and hydrating the skin.

Overall, benefits of Skinboosters include:

  • smoother skin
  • reduction of wrinkles and fine lines
  • tighter and firmer looking skin
  • more radiant, supple and healthy looking skin
  • skin hydration from within
  • reduction of acne scars

Aesthetic doctors familiar with the Skinbooster treatment often recommend this procedure to riskier, more costly and surgical ones. The treatment is said to carry little to no risks and its benefits are pronounced. Suitable for both men and women in a wide range of age groups, it is understandable that the treatment has quickly gained traction to become one of the most popular aesthetic treatments in both Singapore and other parts of Asia. Celebrities and the general public alike seek their benefits. People who have experienced years of acne scars report finally finding a lasting solution. Few treatments are believed to be able to yield results as effective and dramatic as Restylane Skinboosters’. It is an aesthetic treatment that many aesthetics doctors have stood by for its benefits and simplicity.


Restylane Skinboosters are most commonly injected into the face and neck areas, but may also be effective when applied to less common areas such as the hands and décolletage. For more specific advise, do check with your doctor on which areas are suitable for treatment with Skinboosters.


In a controlled environment, Restylane Skinboosters may be meticulously micro-injected into the skin using a needle. At other times, an injector gun (水光枪 in chinese) may also be used; the mode of introduction of the skinbooster into the skin is dependent on the doctor’s preference. Some prefer using the machine for better perceived comfort for the patient. Others prefer the more traditional method of injecting with a needle and using their hands for better control. In this regard, there is no definite better way but more of a personal tendency of the doctor administering the treatment. Each doctor may be more skillful and experienced with each method.

If it is via the injector gun mode, the skin is first ‘sucked’ on by the injector gun. 5 micro needles are then used to introduce the skinbooster into the skin. The mode of introducing skinboosters into the skin is said to be a more comfortable experience compared to the traditional method of using a needle.

While the use of an injector gun is a more updated approach, there are still doctors who swear by the more traditional way of using simply their bare hands and a needle. This approach allows the doctor to exercise better control over the clinical outcome. Everyone’s aesthetics needs, comfort levels and preferences are varied. It is important to speak with your aesthetic doctor to achieve common grounds on the treatment approach.

The use of an injector gun is an easier approach for the doctor. One downside to the use of an injector gun, however, is the potential for bruising of the skin due the gun’s suction. The use of an injector gun tends to lead to greater wastage of the skinbooster as well. More skinbooster may have to be used to counteract the wastage and achieve the desired results.


Most doctors will recommend doing restylane skinbooster 3 times monthly in the initial stage. The intensity of this initial stage is to make sure that hyaluronic acid, the main component of the skinbooster, is adequately introduced into the skin. Only with sufficient hyaluronic acid in the skin can the body effectively replenish collagen levels that can slow and even reverse the aging process.

After the initial stage, treatments are recommended to be done every 6 months. The effects of each treatment from here on typically last around 6 months.


Anyone, both men and women, may undergo restylane skinbooster treatment for its benefits. Specifically, individuals with dry, cracked, aged, dull skin or skin with enlarged pores may see more prominent results. Individuals with depressions in the skin due to acne scars may also see visible results with proper treatment.


The greatest downside of a restylane skinbooster treatment is perhaps cost. A total of 3 skinbooster injections will cost SGD$535.00 each. The consolation in this is that after the initial intense treatment of multiple injections per month, subsequent follow-ups are only required at once every 6 months.

Side effects from injection

As with every injection based treatment, side effects such as bruising, swelling and needle marks may appear after treatment. Such issues usually resolve themselves within a few days, though this is also dependent on an individual’s skin type, the approach of the doctor and especially, the experience and skills of the doctor. Bruising and swelling may be minimized if the skinbooster is injected precisely into the correct layer of the skin. Most patients will be able to immediately return to work and their routine way of life with minimal adjustments after treatment.

Light bumps may be also be temporarily present on the skin after treatment. These are usually hardly visible however and will too resolve themselves quickly with light massaging.


2 days before and after undergoing skinbooster treatment, please do not consume alcohol, NSAIDs like aspirin and Synflex, and any medication or drug that can cause thinning of the blood. This includes food products containing Vitamin E, ginseng and garlic. This is done so as to reduce bruising and swelling to a minimum.

Do also take note to avoid swimming, intense exercise, sauna and prolonged outdoor activities a day upon completion of treatment.


Restylane skinboosters utilise the filler Restylane, which comes in 2 variations; the Vital or Vital Light. It is important to understand the type of filler that is going to be injected into your body. Speak with your doctor about this to find out in more details the procedure and what to expect pre and post treatment.

Skinboosters may only be administered by a certified aesthetic doctor. Restylane skinboosters, using both Vital and Vital Light, are able to help one achieve prominent results because of its optimal balance of hydration and collagen regeneration properties. The in turn helps one achieve positive results on the skin that are long lasting and highly visible. Do not be shy to check with your doctor on the kind results to expect for your particular case as results may vary person to person.

On average, 2mls of restylane filler is needed to treat the entire face, an additional 3mls to treat the neck areas. The amount required, however, may also be dependent on the individual (confirm with your doctor on this). If cost is a concern for skinbooster treatment, consider doing it not for the entire face but on targeted areas where it is most required. E.g. consider doing it only for the cheeks or forehead, or in gradual stages.

As with other aesthetic treatments, skinboosters bring about downtime to a certain extent, however minimal. Couple this with the high number of injections required in the initial stage, it is important to plan the time of your treatment with any major event that you may have. E.g. consider undergoing treatment at least one week before any major event or activity.

Ultimately, speak privately and openly with your doctor of any concerns that you may have, what to look out for and any specific recommendations the doctor may have for you. Each person’s skin type and condition is different, so this makes it even more imperative to interact effectively with the doctor administering your treatment.


S Aesthetics Clinic Singapore, conveniently located in the heart of Orchard, has helped countless beauty seekers like you complete a seamless Restylane Skinbooster procedure. Our aesthetic doctors are also known to be meticulous and remarkably gentle in their field, often giving clients an undisputed sense of security and comfort; there is no need for excessive bruising and pain. Our eye for beauty is also unparalleled; while any certified medical expert may go through the nose filler procedure with you, when it comes to aesthetic treatments, an eye for beauty is equally if not more important than medical skills.

It is important not to experience any unnecessary distress before, during and after the procedure. It is also important to obtain the desired results that you are looking for.

Here at S Aesthetics Clinic, you can be assured that our doctors, together with their team of exceptional aestheticians and service providers, can give you a complete and wonderful experience in beauty and aesthetics.

We look forward to having you here with us.

Contact us today for a no-obligation appointment.

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