Cleviel Contour Dermal Filler

Everything You Need To Know About The Hottest New Filler

You’re in the know, so you’ve definitely heard about Cleviel Contour, the hottest new Hyaluronic Acid (HA) filler on the market. There’s been plenty of talk about it, so we got our doctors to dispel the myths, and tell us why this HA filler is so talked about.

What is Cleviel Contour and why is HA so important?

Cleviel Contour is the latest Hyaluronic Acid (HA) filler on the market, containing up to 50mg/ml of highly biocompatible HA. HA occurs naturally, lubricating internal joints, retaining water and hydrating connective tissue, keeping skin supple. Therefore, Cleviel Contour HA filler imparts great elasticity and cohesiveness, allowing us to contour and sculpt Asian features.

There are so many HA fillers available. What’s so different about Clevial Contour?

It’s true that there are many fillers on the market, but Cleviel Contour is manufactured using a patented 4L linking technology that gives Clevial Contour a one of a kind, low chemical cross-linking. This allows for a densely-packed, high HA gel structure which provides stable sculpting and volumisation that lasts longer than other HA fillers of comparable range.

What other benefits does Clevial Contour confer to the patient?

It’s safe – This densely packed, high HA gel structure also resists enzymatic and radical degradation. So it remains stable for longer with a minimal risk of spreading, resulting in the best outcomes with minimal adverse effects.

It resists deformation – This makes the filler more stable for longer periods of time.

It has high HA content – This boosts skin hydration content, giving your skin a fresh smooth texture and a more youthful appearance.

What part of the face will Cleviel Contour be commonly used on?

Cleviel Contour is commonly used to sculpt and contour typical Asian features that set us apart from typical Caucasians. These are namely the chin, the jaw and the nose.

Is anyone not suitable for this treatment, and can it be combined with other treatments?

It is more likely than not that you are suitable for this treatment. However, you should make an appointment with Dr. Ashley, our resident doctor, for a pre-treatment consultation.

Treatment is customised. Dr. Ashley will apply his experience, and give his calibrated advice to tailor the treatment for each individual. After all, some patients might need other treatments to augment the effects of Cleviel Contour.

Is it painful?

Cleviel Contour is relatively painless. Very fine needles are used, and the product contains lignocaine, an anaesthetising agent. Before the procedure, numbing cream will be applied to enhance your comfort throughout the process.

The doctor will then start the injections into the desired areas of the face. The injections will be done gently and carefully. Within minutes, you will look like an improved natural version of yourself. The process only takes several minutes.

How long do procedure results last, and is there downtime?

Cleviel Contour can last for up to 9-12 months, varying from patient to patient.

There is minimal downtime after the procedure. There might be a slight chance of bruising and slight swelling which will go down in a few hours.

Contact us via Whatsapp (9020 7234) or landline (6235 0338) to make an appointment today. We look forward to helping you sculpt your ideal look

* The outcomes and results of this medical procedure may vary from person to person. Outcomes and results may not be guaranteed.

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