Kodak Black Blasts 'Clown' Boosie Badazz After His Comments on 6ix9ine Collaboration

A few days after being criticized over his collaboration with the 'Mala' rapper on 'Shaka Laka', the 'Super Gremlin' rapper claps back at the 'Wipe Me Down' spitter by calling him a 'clown.'

AceShowbiz - Kodak Black has blasted Boosie Badazz. A few days after receiving comments on his collaboration with 6ix9ine on a new song titled "Shaka Laka", the "Super Gremlin" rapper publicly deemed the "Wipe Me Down" spitter, who was formerly known as Lil Boosie, a "clown."

On Thursday, July 27, the 26-year-old hip-hop artist shared on his Instagram Story his reaction to Boosie's comments. He was reposting a video of an Instagram user named @ymbg.ray talking about Boosie being "immature." Along with the clip, the rapper simply noted, "Poosie a [clown emoji]."

The Instagram user uploaded the video on July 22. In the footage, he could be heard saying, "I think Boosie is one of the most immature 40-year-olds ever." He went on to state, "I don't even know who gave Boosie the right to think he can speak for the culture, or a race of people - any race of people."

"Like his entire career, he's done nothing productive for the inner city. I don't understand how people can allow a 40-year-old kid to speak for a community when his own household isn't even in order," the user continued. In the video, he further discussed Boosie collaborating with T.I., noting that both of them are known to have been accused of snitching.

"But you wanna come at Kodak? Somebody who pays and helps the community?" he additionally asked. "Trippin, bro. You trippin, Boosie, bro. Fight your case, dude. You're facing 10 to 15 years right now. Go and fight your case in silence. You ever heard of hip-hop police? They're monitoring everything you're doing right now, bro. Go prepare for that case. Boosie shouldn't have a voice in our community. This guy's a clown."

Kodak and @ymbg.ray were not the only ones who got candid about their thoughts on Boosie. In the comments section of an Instagram post about Kodak and Boosie's feud, one Instagram user wrote, "Boosie bout to get on IG LIVE with soooo much foam in the corner of his mouth talking CRAZY."

Another joined in, "Boosie need to stop talking about rappers 20+ years younger than him tho." Meanwhile, a third pointed out, "Age ain't got nothing to do with how Boosie acting. Boosie is from the streets. So he always gone preach about it until he gone. Kodak you did a song with a snitch. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. Move on."

A fourth, in the meantime, stated, "Y'all don't like boosie bc he don't agree with they agenda they're putting out and he hasn't sold his soul like the rest of these rappers. Y'all want him to be quiet like the rest of these rappers and he's not going for it."

Boosie previously accused Kodak of having no principles and morals for agreeing to do a collaboration with 6ix9ine. During an Instagram Live earlier in July, Boosie stated, "That n***a Yak f**ked me up. I wonder how all them Zoes feel, dawg. I know the state of Florida f**ked up right now. This n***a ain't got no morals, don't got no principles. I wish I could take that n***a a** off Rocketman now, s**t. No loyalty to no principles over money, man."

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