NBA YoungBoy Appears to Ask for Help With Alarming Post on His Cat's Instagram Page

Many fans believe that it's the 'Outside Today' rapper himself who makes the bizarre post expressing worry about his Xanax intake and his 'unhealthy' behavior.

AceShowbiz - NBA YoungBoy a.k.a. YoungBoy Never Broke Again has sparked concerns about his well-being with a bizarre post on his cat's Instagram page. The rapper set up a separate account when he got a new cat called Neon earlier this month, but the new post on the page wasn't as cute as the feline.

On Monday, July 24, the page shared a post which included a picture of the Baton Rogue native with his black cat. It's the caption that caught people's attention the most as it expressed worry about the emcee's alarming Xanax intake and his "unhealthy" behavior.

"It's me neon," the caption began to read. "I been seeing a lot my dad so unhealthy it's scary even his mental he blows his money making people smile who don't care to see the signs that's literally in they face."

Revealing YoungBoy's alleged Xanax intake, the caption continued, "20xanxz a day please #help Ps. My bowl Celine and my first birkin. Bag otw …. But really matters him." In the comments section, the cat's account also wrote, "He pissed out blood for 2 days straight that's funny though ?"

Many followers believe that it was actually YoungBoy himself who made the post as he was reaching out for help. "He been crying out for help , that's why he goes through so many different phases and looks , and house arrest iont think is helping him," one person commented.

Another remarked, "Bro really crying out for help! Bro lost and gone but his fans not seeing that." A third responded, "we see the signs neon nobody can help him but himself."

Others were upset that YoungBoy's fans didn't seem to take his cry for help seriously. "This n***a needs HELP! Not likes and laughter," one of them wrote. Another stressed, "He's literally asking for help n people ain't taking him serious… I really hope you find the help you need top."

Firing back at those mocking the 23-year-old, one person said, "These comments are disgusting. This many crying out and y'all in here laughing and not taking him serious. 'It's nothing we can do'. Say something positive! Shower him with love in the comments!"

"y'all nedda wake up , yb really hurtin he losing his self," one other exclaimed. "He been taking 20xans every day. Y'all not gone realize till he gone. Y'all nedda stop taking shi as a joke. We really on edge to losing yb , but y'all don't care till he over , yb is the best thing that happened to us."

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